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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Sep 14, 2016

   Fresh off a post-Top 10 high, the hosts catch back up on what they've been able to get to the table. Jeff starts by leading an expedition into Caverna then taking a toss at Roll for the Galaxy. Zach tries to steal the show with Thieves Market but is soon distracted when Adrian lights the room with Lanterns.

  With pleasantries out of the way, it's time for Jeff to mourn the split between Games Workshop- Fantasy Flight only to be comforted with news of a revamped version of Robinson Crusoe. New Kickstarter game Endangereds Orphans leads to a revelation for Jeff while Adrian and Zach double up on backing Unfair. Jeff and Zach also throw money at the Expansion for Tiny Epic Galaxies along with the entire known world.

  Actual fan mail leads perfectly into this week's discussion topic where Jeff and Zach help Adrian share what little knowledge he has about organizing a large-scale gaming group in order to help you Organize a Game Night!

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Banter and Recently Played

  • 02:15 - Jeff leads us deep into Caverna
  • 11:37 - Jeff gives Roll for the Galaxy a roll
  • 12:06 - Zach sells us on Thieves Market
  • 17:24 - Adrian lights up Lanterns
  • 19:31 - Adrian and Zach beat Jeff to Scythe


Gaming News and Kickstarter Round-up


Discusion of the Day: Organizing a Game Night Meetup

  • 39:58 - Topic Intro
  • 40:05 - Relevant Fan Mail
  • 43:09 - Review of our Gamenight Group
  • 47:46 - Determine Why you want to start a gamenight
  • 49:32 - Figure out Where you want to meet
  • 54:04 - Find When works best for your new group
  • 56:10 - Make sure you know Who is coming to your gamenight
  • 58:53 - Do What you can to keep people aware of your events
  • 01:00:09 - Time to HOST!
    • 01:00:58 - Make sure people coming have a way to find YOU
    • 01:06:19 - Have games available
    • 01:07:38 - Be sociable, be a good host, get people involved
  • 01:09:24 - Following up your first event
  • 01:09:59 - Problems can/will arise over time - Deal with them (literally)
    • 01:10:23 Inter-personal problems
    • 01:11:36 Organization problems
  • 01:13:43 All the hard work pays off
  • 01:15:09 Q&A from the earlier fan mail
    • 01:15:39 Q1) Does the group trend towards Regulars or New Attendees?
    • 01:17:39 Q2) Do people come in knowing about hobby boardgames?
    • 01:19:18 Q3) Do you end up playing a lot of easier, lighter games or do you get to try out new stuff on a regular basis?
    • 01:21:01 Q4) Do you guys have a place where you post your Wednesday Meetup locations?

Episode Wrap-Up

  • 01:22:43 Another Email!