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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Sep 21, 2016

  As the episode numbers climb further into double digits the guys decide to change up the show format one more time. Back is a looser banter section where they talk about what fun things they've been up to and briefly chat about a few games they've played recently. From there your intrepid hosts set out on a new quest: To provide a more specific game review section!

  The target of this weeks quest is the team vs team game of submarine warfare: Captain Sonar! To start this new section, Zach runs through a loose description of the rules, then all 3 hosts chat about their experiences playing the game, and finally they all give their final verdict!

  Following the shiny new review section comes a welcome bit of familiarity with a Kickstarter Round-Up and Industry News section featuring Thornwatch and Mechs vs Minions.

  And last, but in no way least, is the discussion of the day where the hosts follow up on last weeks episode about gamenights by discussing what they look for in a "gamenight game"

  Thanks for listening and enjoy!



  • 00:42 New Equipment
  • 01:23 Show Notes! These ones!
  • 02:29 Football! The Hand-egg version!
    •   03:25 Adrian was @ Broncos vs Colts!
  • 04:11 Adrian learns Le Havre
  • 05:46 Games that have sat on our shelves for a while
  • 07:50 Jeff hasn't played anything lately
  • 08:34 What is ISK?
  • 09:23 Zach has played: Stockpile, Race for the Galaxy
  • 10:06 Jeff has been reading rulebooks
  • 11:23 Adrian got a new copy of Risk: Legacy
  • 13:39 Our new plan to play more games
  • 14:10 Zach unleashes one of his greatest weapons
  • 14:23 Discussing new episode format

Weekly Review: Captain Sonar

  • 15:32 Intro
  • 16:16 How to play
  • 22:57 Our experiences
  • 31:58 Final thoughts 

Kickstarter Round-up and Industry News

Discussion of the Day: Gamenight Games, a follow up

  • 54:42 Intro
  • 55:06 Zach's Criteria with examples
  • 58:16 Jeff's Criteria and examples
  • 01:00:26 Adrian's Criteria examples
  • 01:02:33 Zach shares a good idea from Tom Vassel
  • 01:08:00 Zach reiterates a plan to play more games

Episode Wrap-up 01:09:16