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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Oct 5, 2016

Scythe and the Beauty of Great Components

The hosts open the episode with the newly patented Banter section where they recap some newly played and acquired games. The News and Kickstarter section this week features a new Eldritch Horror expansion and a 2nd version of Dominion along with a couple interesting kickstarters; Pathogenesis and Druids. Zach then gives you another Rule Breakdown for this week’s Game Review: Scythe. As we Move from rules to game discussion, we each Produce our initial feelings of Scythe, we Trade some insights into different player counts, before Bolstering our Final Thoughts, which includes Jeff’s opinion on the solo version. The discussion topic today is all about components, including art, graphic design, and game pieces/minis. Lastly the guys announce our first ever Giveaway! As always, thanks for listening and ENJOY!!!



00:00:00 Banter! Featuring Oregon Trail the Board Game, More Captain Sonar, Oceanos, and Red Dragon Inn.

00:14:58 News and Kickstarters!
  00:15:02 New Eldritch Horror: Dreamlands
  00:18:05 Seafall Tracking Update
  00:20:16 Dominion 2nd Edition
  00:27:52 Scythe Expansion
  00:29:57 Pathogenesis Kickstarter
  00:32:13 Druids Kickstarter

00:35:51 MHGG Review: Scythe
  00:36:37 Rules/Gameplay Overview
  00:37:53 Initial Thoughts
  00:39:47 Components
  00:43:07 Rules and Rulebook
  00:44:45 Gameplay
  00:52:45 Final Thoughts
  00:58:08 Solo Play

01:04:01 Discussion of the Day: Component and Art Quality in Boardgames

01:30:54 1000 Total Downloads Celebratory Contest!!!

01:xx:xx That's a wrap!!