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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Oct 18, 2017

Our hosts welcome Kyle from Sounding Board Games onto the podcast, and after finding out how he got into games, they all dive into recently played games. Just fought over a card skyscraper in Rhino Hero: Super Battle, Kyle tried to survive in EVO, Zach collected some dolls in Matryoshka, and Adrian wrote down some words in Wordsy. Moving into News, more Game Apps are introduced and more info is announced for Legacy of Dragonholt! In Kickstarters, Joan of Arc adds dragons and Devils, Detective tries to get you to outsmart your friends, and Our hosts got to try out Dinogenics and make the best Dinosaur Park. An Email and BGG Response close out the show!



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