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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Nov 23, 2016

Episode 21: Last Will

Opening up the episode, our hosts catch up on all the gaming they have been doing, including Adrian’s game-filled Snowboarding trips and a trio of newly played games, Inis, Cry Havoc, and Concordia. Jeff finally gets himself a win in this week’s Bloody Minute. They then move onto the news, including a new edition of Aye, Dark Overlord! and the recent BGGCon. In recent Kickstarters, a bunch of interesting ones are currently active, including Wordsy from Gil Hova and the highest funded Tiny Epic game, Tiny Epic Quest. In the review section, our hosts try and figure out the worst way to spend money and see if Last Will and its expansion is worth it. The show closes out with another email.

00:00:47 - Banter! Games discussed include: Space Cadets, D&D 4th Ed, Jeff's Bloody Minute, Hero Realms, Inis, Cry Havok, Concordia

  • 00:09:53 Bloody Minute

00:21:04 News and Kickstarer Round up

  • 00:21:10 Munchkin X-man & Munchkin CCG
  •  00:23:41 X-Com Expansion
  •  00:25:23 Aye, Dark Overlord
  •  00:26:47 BGGcon is over, future convention plans.
  •  00:31:11 Mythic Battles: Pantheon
  •  00:33:34 Bears Vs Babies is wrapped up
  •  00:34:53 MegaMan Pixel Tactics
  •  00:35:34 Tiny Epic Kingdom
  •  00:36:21 Wordsy
  •  00:37:17 Lisboa
  •  00:38:36 Feudum   
  •  00:40:18 Man vs Meeple

00:41:29 MHGG Review: Last Will

  •  00:41:50 Game Overview
  • 00:42:41 Initial Thoughts
  •  00:46:29 Components and Art
  •  00:47:37 Gameplay
  •  00:53:34 Rules
  •  00:55:20 Expansion: Getting Sacked
  •  01:02:11 Final Thoughts

01:04:54 Listener Email, Closing Thoughts and Contact Info