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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Aug 4, 2017

MHGG Review - Eldritch Horror

00:00:30 Banter - Never use old memes

00:02:24 Eldritch Horror Review

  • 00:03:36 Game Overview
  • 00:06:05 Intital Thoughts
  • 00:08:33 Component Review
  • 00:17:05 Rules and Rules Explanation
  • 00:23:27 Gameplay Review
  • 00:43:35 Final Thoughts
  • 01:01:17 Listener Q&A

01:10:21 Episode Wrap-Up & Contact Info


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